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Fiduciary Duty Defense

Fiduciary duty is complex, and the potential damages involved can be financially devastating. Trust in Yassin Law to vigorously defend your financial interests. 

Under California law, it is illegal for the fiduciary to act contrary to the best interests of the principle, but a fiduciary relationship can be difficult to define because it is based on a subjective concept of trust. 

Fiduciary duty is a legal relationship between two or more parties. One party is the fiduciary, or the entity with the duty, and the other party is the principle, or the entity benefiting from the duty. Fiduciary duty is the holding of something, usually money, in good faith. Fiduciary duties include the Duty of honesty, Duty of care, Duty of loyalty, Duty of fairness, and the Duty to act in good faith.

Common breach of fiduciary duty claims

A breach of fiduciary duty may arise when a business partner takes a business opportunity away from the company for his or her profit; a board of directors takes action against the interest of the company for its financial gain; a partner engages in insider trading; or a partner keeps a portion of the profits to which he or she is not entitled.

We can Help 

If your partner is not living up to the terms of your agreement and is breaching fiduciary duties, contact us to initiate legal action. If your partner accuses you of breaching your fiduciary duties, contact us to defend you against such claims.  

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