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Landlord/Tenant Litigation

Landlords and tenants both have considerable legal and financial rights in California. We will represent you in lease and purchase negotiations and protect your interests in the event of a dispute. 

For the most difficult and critical landlord-tenant disputes, both landlords and tenants call Yassin Law.  

All commercial landlord-tenant disputes begin with the commercial lease. A well-drafted lease addresses and contemplates all aspects of the relationship to help minimize your risk. Think twice before you consider a standard template or adapt from someone else’s commercial lease – each parcel of real property is unique, no other property is like yours. Yassin Law can help with all of your commercial real estate transactions. 

Litigation Against Tenants

A landlord may need help pursuing tenant evictions or pursuing past-due payments. The best time to develop a relationship with a landlord-tenant litigation attorney is before you need one. We can help you avoid litigation by creating favorable lease terms and ensuring that you meet your legal obligations. 

Litigation Against Landlords

A property owner may be sued by a tenant for breach of lease or negligence. A tenant may sue the landlord for any breach of the lease, such as failure to deliver possession of the premises on schedule or failure to make repairs as required. Failure to properly maintain property may lead to tort claim, as well.  

Practice Areas

Yassin Law’s areas of practice reflect our unwavering commitment to the Southern California business community.

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